Thursday, December 10, 2009

Again, dragon boat competition

Later 12am, we the dragon boat will be heading to penang for dragon boat tournament which will be held on this Saturday and Sunday. In the Melaka competition, we won CHAMPION!! for the closed category and this time, we are going to other people's territory and try to perform our best to the others and win Win win!!!!!!

All the best, team and best of luck to us!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We pain and we must gain!

Dragon boat peeps, we pain for so long and today is the time for us to gain back everything!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I need LUCK!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A little updates :)

Been abandoned this blog without updating for months. Can actually see that few people are waiting for my updates XD. From the previous post, I did mention that I will update the OC part 2 when I got all the pictures but yet I haven't get the pictures after few months >.< So people, that was my first time becoming an OC and might be the last time. The sweet memories during orientation have been captured down by you guys. Do me a favour and ready the pictures as soon as possible :) So that I can share with all the readers here.

Apart from that, Kelvin Lee has got into a relationship . It has started two months ago and sorry for late announcing in the blog. She is a good girl and hopefully that I do not hurt her for now and the future . By the way, her name is Jessie Chin Kee Wei. I always feel that myself is a lucky one to have her. I know the words might be mushy or make you people feel nausea but the words are from the heart . I think I better stop any words and show her pretty look to all of you.

A lot of my friends gave me blessings to this relationship and I just want to say thousands thanks to you all. I will cherish this relationship and treasure her as much as I could .

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kelvin the Monkey OC (Part I)

As I mentioned before, I been through the Orientation Committee camp and MMU Orientation 2009. The photos were still not with me and I can only upload some which I managed to get. Later on, I will try my best to get all from the in-charged person and upload the wonderful memories of mine to share with everyone over there :)

Here comes some of the photos first. :)

During the camp, I was assigned into group 3 and we named the group as TRANSFORMERCS!! It was due to the requirements of combination a name of cartoon and a name of transportation.

Haha, the group flag. I did give some ideas! I was so creative *nose up* HUHU!

Me and the flag XD

My group and the flag during the OC camp.

The JB-ians with 1 KL-ian who wearing in purple.

Haha, the fire was so strong but I sacrificed myself for you all to see such a nice picture. Right face of mine has been BBQ-ed. XD

Below the photos were taken during packing the bags for the new students. Haha, we did enjoy the moment and it was so fun!!!

At first................

Andy was on top of me and I was on top of hundreds t-shirts. Haha, the new students smelled me!!

After that...........

The people started to love me.

And finally..............

I just can say that they love me so much. My back, my ASS, my hands, my legs and my SWEAT!!! HAHA!! And again the students smelled the mixtures of sweats!

Haha, at least I got a chance to take my revenge and poor Siva aka Elvis Presley. XD

Haha, nevertheless, we made craziness while doing the job XD

P/S: The photos are not in good quality and some look kinda blur because all taken by people's handphones. So just enjoy it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jobs Done!

Finally orientation week has over. Since last friday I lost my voice till this moment, my voice still not yet recover. By the way, the OC camp and orientation weeks are awesome. I was placed in Green group to be green mobile OC. The group has named as Machocho Monkey. I was the brother monkey and the little monkeys are really well-trained and professional. Haha, they will listen to all of the commands. Even though the monkey-ship has over but the friendship begins and lasts forever. Monkeys, I am hereby to wish all of you best of luck in everything and do not forget to work hard in studies. Enjoy the max of your few years campus life. Do contact me if you all have any monkeys gathering. I would like to attend if I have free time. If don't have my contact, just leave me a message here or facebook. I will reply you all as soon as possible.

My msn, friendster and facebook are using same e-mail which is

P/S: More updates later for this orientation. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Try your best to prove that you are a good mobile OC.
Do not let the people who voted for you feel wasteful for voting you.

P/S: Next post will explain what I have done in the holidays and of course with photos attached. It's gonna be funny. Stay Tune! :)